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Our Services

Pig Luv Co Mini Pig Rescue & Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non profit organization. We primarily rely on donations to continue our mission. Additional donations are greatly appreciated. Ways to support our mission: 

Monetary Donations
Donations for Spay/Neuter/Vet Fund
Amazon Wish List
Pig Feed
Pig Beds
Monthly Sponsorship
Spread the Word


Groups of 11+ people

Please call Pig Luv Co. 925-407-7929 for available appointments. 

Donations are customary and much appreciated for sanctuary tours. We are able to do what we do with your support. 

Important Tips for your Visit

Our Sanctuary Residents are very social and enjoy visitors. Sometimes they may take a moment to warm up to new people. Below are some tips to review for your visit, especially if there are younger visitors. 

  • Calm and soothing voices, as loud noise causes our residents to become anxious. 

  • Walking at all times as fast movements such as running and jumping can be scary. 

  • Washing hands before interacting with residents as they can mistake food smells on hands for a snack. 

  • Many of our residents require a sniff of your hand before allowing touches. 

  • Always listen to directions from your guide. 

  • Wear close toed shoes and clothing you don't mind getting dirty. 

  • If you have special accommodations, please indicate this when scheduling your visit. 

  • Please arrive on time for you scheduled visit. 

  • Feel free to take photos and video of our sanctuary and residents. Also you are welcome to post on your social media..please do tag us!


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